During the months of February and March, Saddlebox was invited to participate as Business Live Case at the prestigious business school ESCP Europe in Madrid, as part of the evaluable work of the students of the Master in Management and the Master in Consultancy.

In total, twelve students were able to participate in the three sessions in which members of the Saddlebox team made available to the students the context of the equestrian industry, the team that currently makes up the start-up, the main milestones reached and the main learnings obtained in the first year of life.

The ESCP Europe students are characterized by having a high international perspective and they were asked to work, by teams, in the definition of the internationalization strategy of our high quality, customizable brand of tack lockers. Thus, the students were divided into three teams: Marketing Workstream, Strategy Workstream and Operations Workstream, providing different deliverables for each team and a large unified deliverable called "Consolidated Action Plan" where they had to interact with each other to prioritize the next steps they recommended to assist to the Spanish start-up in its internationalization process.

The focus for internationalization was placed on the European countries with the greatest equestrian traditions: the United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands and Germany, and aspects such as the main equestrian distributors in each country, the stores with the highest turnover, or which people could be considered as high value in the equestrian sector influencers were identified of each country. It was also studied, among other topics, the different possibilities from the logistic point of view for the placement of high quality tack lcokers in each of the markets (one to one shipments, five batches or even full loaded trucks and storage at destination).

From Saddlebox we can only thank ESCP Europe very much for having made us part of this case study and to be at their entire disposal to collaborate in future occasions as we evolve. Of course, the students will be informed promptly with the steps we are taking from now on for the sake of our internationalization.

And you, by what country do you think we should start?

Posted on 2018-03-17 by Team Saddlebox 0 1458

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