Steps to follow for international horse transport

Steps to follow for international horse transport

If you have the need to transport a horse abroad, then we are going to explain the steps to follow in this long and heavy task. Though don't be discouraged these days thanks to air travel and advances in technology this has become more accessible.


If you participate in dressage or jumping competitions it is normal that you want to travel with your horse abroad because Europe is the place where there are major sporting events for these disciplines. For this, we must send the horses around the world, carrying out the necessary procedures to compete in international events.


How to travel with a horse abroad

The first step is to have an equine passport for your horse, which must contain the following information:


·       The horse's passport must contain the name of the entity authorized by the General Directorate of Livestock Services.

·       Name of the horse owner.

·       Identifying data of the horse such as name and chip number.

·       Compliance with health regulations (immunization and diagnostic tests) required by the health authority.

·       Registration of entries and exits from the country by the competent health authority.


This passport must be presented prior to the sporting events and also to the Health Authority that requires it.


In most of the countries of the European Community it is possible to import horses as long as they are free of diseases such as infectious anemia or EVA.


How are the horses transported?

Horses can be transported by individual or group trailers, gooseneck type trailers or rigid trucks.


What documents are needed to transport horses?

Here are the documents necessary to transport horses:

I. B96 authorization

The vehicle must have a special authorization when dragging a weight increases considerably.

 To transport horses, it is necessary to have a B96 license, which is an authorization granted to drivers with driving license B. The B96 authorization can be obtained at any driving school and will allow you to drive cars in which the weight does not exceed 4250 kg in total.


II. Biocide Application Course for Livestock Use

The first thing you should do is disinfect the area in which the animal will travel with biocidal products. Said disinfection must be carried out by qualified personnel who have passed the Course of application of biocidal products for Veterinary Hygiene as established by current regulations


III. Welfare Course in Animal Transport

To transport animals, it is necessary to have the certificate of animal welfare in transport.


IV. Transport log book

This book should contain detailed information on the animals being transported.


V. Identification plate

The vehicle must have an identification plate indicating the transport of live animals.


If you do not want to transport the horse yourself, there are also many services in which the transport of horses to the indicated place is carried out.


How do you fly a horse?

Competition horses are transported in cargo planes where there are no seats in the main cabin. The floor has rails by which the cargo containers can be fixed and moved.


Horses travel only with personal caregivers or veterinarians. During the route is not administered any substance that could reduce its abilities in the competitions.


How to store equestrian equipment

To make these trips with your horse for dressage or jumping competitions you will have to have one of the essential elements within a stable: the tack locker.


In the locker, we can store both the horse's equipment and become the rider's center of operations from where the plans for the competitions are made. If you have a clean, tidy and cared for tack locker, you will make all the saddlery last for many years.


Each rider must have a room to store their equipment and where to place their mount.


When traveling to exhibitions or competitions, the tack locker becomes of vital importance to move all our material. The invention of these rolling cabinets has been of great help in recent years for riders as everything you need can be put into a box that will travel with the horses.


If you need a customized tack locker that suits your needs, at Saddlebox we have a wide variety of them and we customize them with your logo, your name, your favorite color, numbers, etc...


Our tack lockers are designed with a metal structure painted using high quality vinyl and configured with one or two doors depending on the style you prefer. Do you want a customized tack locker?


View some of them here.

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